JMH 25, 1999-28, 2002

Journal of Medieval History (JMH)
vol. 25, 1999 – vol. 28, 2002

bearbeitet von Stuart Jenks
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JMH 25, 1999
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JMH 26, 2000
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JMH 27, 2001
Adam J. KOSTO, The Liber feodorum maior of the counts of Barcelona: the cartulary as an expression of power, in: JMH 27, 2001, p. 1
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JMH 28, 2002
Alan FOREY, The military orders and the conversion of Muslims in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, in: JMH 28, 2002, p. 1
Thomas F. MADDEN, The chrysobull of Alexius I Comnenus to the Venetians: the date and the debate, in: JMH 28, 2002, p. 23
Cordelia WARR, Religious habits and visual propaganda: the vision of the Blessed Reginald of Orléans, in: JMH 28, 2002, p. 43
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M. GALVIN, Credit and parochial charity in fifteenth-century Bruges, in: JMH 28, 2002, p. 131
Martina STEIN-WILKESHUIS, Scandinavians swearing oaths in tenth-century Russia: Pagans and Christians, in: JMH 28, 2002, p. 155
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Warren BROWN, Charters as weapons. On the role played by early medieval dispute records in the disputes they record, in: JMH 28, 2002, p. 227
Amancio ISLA, Building kingship on words: Magni reges and sanctus rex in the Asturleonese kingdom, in: JMH 28, 2002, p. 249
A. KING, 'According to the custom used in French and Scottish wars': Prisoners and casualties on the Scottish Marches in the fourteenth century, in: JMH 28, 2002, p. 263
F.L. CHEYETTE, Georges Duby's Mâconnais after fifty years: reading it then and now [Historiographical Essay], in: JMH 28, 2002, p. 291

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